The Human Energy Field

Over the last twenty years Valerie Hunt, a physical therapist and professor kinesiology at UCLA, has developed a way to confirm experimentally the existence of the human energy field. Medical science has long known that humans are electromagnetic beings… Hunt has discovered that an electromyography, a device used to measure the electrical activity in the muscles, can also pick up the electrical presence of the human energy field.

Although Hunt’s original research involved the study of human muscular movement, she became interested in the energy field after encountering a dancer who said she used her own energy field to help her dance. This inspired Hunt to make electromyograms (EMGs) of the electrical activity in the woman’s muscles while she danced, and also to study the effect healers had on the electrical activity in the muscles of people being healed. Her research eventually expanded to include individuals who could see the human energy field, and it was here that she made some of her most significant discoveries.

The normal frequency range of the electrical activity in the brain is between 0 and 100 cycles per second (cps), with most of the activity occurring between 0 and 30 cps. Muscle frequency goes up to about 225cps, and the heart goes up to about 250 cps, but this is where electrical activity associated with biological function drops off. In addition to these, Hunt discovered that the electrodes of the electromyography could pick up another field of energy radiating from the body, much subtler and smaller in amplitude than the traditionally recognized body electricities but with frequencies that averaged between 100 and 1600cps, and which sometimes went even higher. Moreover, instead of emanating from the brain, heart, or muscles, the field was strongest in the areas of the body associated with the chakras

Hunt also discovered that when an aura reader saw a particular color in a person’s energy field, the electromyography always picked up a specific pattern of frequencies that Hunt learned to associate with that color. She was able to see this pattern on an oscilloscope, a device that converts electrical waves into a visual pattern on a monochromatic video display screen. For example, when an aura reader saw blue in a person’s energy field, Hunt could confirm that it was blue by looking at the pattern on the oscilloscope. In one experiment she even tested eight aura readers simultaneously to see it they would agree with the oscilloscope as well as with each other. ‘ it was the same right down the line.’ Says Hunt.

Once Hunt confirmed the existence of the human energy field, she, too, became convinced that the holographic idea offers one model for understanding it. In addition to its frequency aspects, she points out that the energy field, and indeed all of the body’s electrical systems, is holographic in another way… Although every portion of what she calls the ‘holographic field reality’ of the aura contains aspects of the whole energy field, different portions are not absolutely identical to each other. These differing amplitudes keep the energy field from being a static hologram, and instead allow it to be dynamic and flowing, says Hunt.

One of Hunt’s most startling findings is that certain talents and abilities seem to be related to the presence of specific frequencies in a person’s energy field. She has found that when the main focus of a person’s consciousness is on the material world, the frequencies of their energy field tend to be in the lower range and not too far removed from the 250 cps of the body’s biological frequencies. In addition to these, people who are psychic or have healing abilities also have frequencies of roughly 400 to 800 cps in their field. People who can go into trance and apparently channel other information sources through them, skip these ‘psychic’ frequencies entirely and operate in a narrow band between 800 and 900 cps. ‘they don’t have any psychic breadth at all,’ states Hunt. ‘They’re up there in their own field. It’s narrow band between 800 and 900 cps. It’s pinpointed, and they literally are almost out of it.’

People who have frequencies above 900 cps are what Hunt calls mystical personalities. Whereas psychics and trance mediums are often just conduits of information, mystics possess the wisdom to know what to do with the information, says Hunt. They are aware of the cosmic interrelatedness of all things and are in touch with every level of human experience. They are anchored in ordinary reality, but often have both psychic and trance abilities. However, their frequencies also extend way beyond the bands associated with these capabilities. Using a modified electromyogram, Hunt has encountered individuals who have frequencies as high as 2,00,000 cps in their energy fields. This is intriguing, for mystical traditions have often referred to highly spiritual individuals as possessing a ‘higher vibration’ than normal people.

The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot

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